Utilizing this three DVD program, you can become a Shodan(Black Belt) in Shorei-kan Okinawan Gojuryu Karate.
We have been receiving many requests from those like you wishing to study Shorei-kan Karate from all over the world. We
realize that many people find it difficult to train with us because of the constraints of daily life.  That is the reason why we
created this unique video training program.
This new program fits your need perfectly regardless if you live in San Paulo or San Francisco; places where you won't find a
Shorei-Kan school. It would cost you a lot to travel to Japan, U.S. or Europe not to mention that you may not be able to take a
long leave from your job. Or you may already be black belt in Shotokan or any other style and wish to study traditional
Okinawan Gojuryu techniques in private. Of course, no experience is required to benefit from this program - anyone can learn
and improve. Even if you live near a Shorei-Kan dojo, but find you are too busy to attend classes regularly, you'll find this
program very convenient and effective. 
It's simple: Save your time and money while learning authentic Shorei-Kan Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate !
This info packet will cover the following details:  
How this course works
What is Gojuryu Karate ?
In ancient times, there existed two major styles of Okinawan Karate:  Nahate karate and Shurite Karate. Master Kanryo
Higaonna was the master of Nahate at the end of 19th Century. Chojun Miyagi born in1888,  became his student at the age
of 9 and continued learning from his teacher until his teacher’s death in 1932. A couple of years later after his teacher’s
departure, Miyagi created his own style named Gojuryu Karate. 
What is Shorei-Kan Karate ?
The Shorei-Kan dojo was founded by Master Seikichi Toguchi(1917-1998) in 1954 in Koza city, Okinawa. He began studying
Gojuryu Karate at 16 years old from Master Seko Higa who was the most senior student of Master Chojun Miyagi. Toguchi
also received instruction from Miyagi himself including the theory of Karate Kata(called Kaisai no Genri) and the method of
Karate instruction.  Toguchi fulfilled his teacher’s dream of popularizing his Karate throughout the world by creating a new
Karate teaching system. He named it Shorei-Kan Karate.
Miyagi’s life long goal was realized in Shorei-Kan Karate system: Anyone can learn the fascinating but difficult and dangerous
techniques of Miyagi’s Gojuryu karate in a safe and enjoyable manner.
For more details on Okinawan Gojuryu Karate and Shorei-Kan Karate teaching system, please refer to Toguchi’s books
“Okinawan Gojuryu”(Ohara, 1975) and “Okinawan Gojuryu II”(Ohara, 2001).
Toguchi’s  Shorei-Kan Karate teaching system includes:
• Koryu Katas of Goju-Ryu – ancient solo forms.
• Kihon Kata Sanchin and Tensho – solo forms done with dynamic breathing and tension
• Hookyu Katas – new katas created by Masters Miyagi, Toguchi and Tamano
• Bunkai Kumite- pre-arranged sparring application of Kata
• Kiso Kumite – unique method of learning the secret techniques hidden in kata.
• Daruma Taiso- a special system of Karate preparatory exercises created by Master Miyagi and Master Toguchi.(*see below)
• Irikumi – advanced free fighting exercise.
• Shiai Kumite – unique competition designed specifically for  Shorei-Kan Karate.
• Kigu Hoju Undo(equipment exercises)- Kongoken, Chishi, Sashi, Makiwara, Tetsuwa, Tan, etc. etc.
• Rhythm Karate, Rhythm Bo – techniques of Karate and Kobudo set to music
• Kaisai Kumite – study of secret theory of Karate kata (Kaisai no Genri).
• Jissen Kumite – ancient street fighting techniques
• Okinawan Kobudo – study of ancient Karate weapons
Program of Shorei-kan
Subjects included in the interactive videotape program
1. Personal Instruction
Each course propvides clear and consise instruction in the unqiue subjects of the Shorei-Kan system. You are guided through
each subject by Master Tamano . Details including techniques, timing. breathing etc are vividly covered in this learning
2. On going video review and guidance
As you progress through video courses you are eligible to receive direct feedback and critique from Master Tamano. You are
welcome to periodically send in a video of you and, or your partners subjects for evaluation.
3. Video testing
At the completion of each course, you are eligible to send in your tape for examination doing all subjects required to achieve
the specific course’s level (For example: at the end of course one you will be entitled to test for Green Belt, at the end of
course 2 – Brown belt and at the completion of the third course testing is given for Black Belt)
Again all testing is done via video - saving you time and money!
4.  Dojo visitation rights
During your training you are entitled to visit and train at any of the authorized Shorei-kan dojos worldwide.
5. Access to all Shorei-kan publications
Shorei-Kan news letter(web), books, program charts, manuals, clinics, etc.
6. Upon completion of Shodan
• Diploma issued
• Use of Shorei-kan name/chest mark (trademarks)
*** If you wish to teach Shorei-Kan Karate to the general public, the following benefits will be offered:
• Right to teach-provisional teaching certification
• Instructor manual
• Access to junior class curriculum (videotape)
• Dojo certificate
• Listing in Shorei-kan dojo directory (web site)
1. When you subscribe, you will receive the Shorei-Kan International membership card and the first course tape Tape #1, in
which you will find all the subjects required in Shorei-Kan Karate from 10th Kyu to 6th Kyu such as Kata Dai Ichi, Kata Dai Ni
and its Bunkai Kumite ------ Kata Gekisai Daiichi and its Bunkai Kumite, etc. You practice those subjects with this tape for at
least 6 months.
When you think you are ready for the exam, you send us a videotape in which you perform all the subjects you have learned
in the Tape#1. Master Tamano  will review and examine your techniques upon successful completion you will be promoted to
5th Kyu(green belt) and we will send you a certificate along with your completed exam form with Master Tamano’s comments
on your techniques. If you fail the exam, he will point out what you should work on. You can try the same exam again without
any extra cost.
2. Now, having succeeded the first exam, you are at green belt level in Shorei-Kan. If you have purchased all three tapes at
the beginning, you proceed to work on the second course. If you bought only Tape #1 and wish to continue this unique video
program, you can order the second course tape- Tape#2. The procedure of practice and examination are same as the first
course. The subjects you practice are those from 5th Kyu to 3rd Kyu. You send us your videotape for exam  8 months or
more after your promotion to green belt. When you pass the second exam, you will be awarded  2nd Kyu(brown belt)..
3. In the third course, you will learn the materials of 2nd Kyu and practice again all the materials you have learned in Tape #1
and Tape #2.  The founder of Shorei-Kan Karate, Master Seikichi Toguchi always stressed the importance of revision of the
materials. Thus, he said, we could perfect our knowledge and techniques of traditional Okinawan Gojuryu Karate.
After 13 months or more of practice in the third course including the review of all previous subjects, you send us your video
for the exam of Shodan black belt.  In this tape you are required to perform all the subjects of Shorei-Kan Karate you have
learned in Tape #1, #2 and #3. When you think you are ready to be black belt, you send us $400(see below) along with your
exam videotape. Upon passing the exam, you will be officially registered as Shodan  in Shorei-Kan International and receive
your Shodan diploma of Shorei-Kan Kancho, Maaster Toshio Tamano . If you fail the test, you can send us another tape until
you succeed without any extra charge.
This interactive videotape’s program is designed to match the fees and the required practice period of the regular Shorei-Kan
Karate classes. You will be treated and taught as if you are a frequent student in our dojo.
How to start
You fill in the application form and send it to us with your payment. Since you need your partner to practice prearranged
sparring techniques together such as Kiso Kumites and Bunaki Kumites, we recommend you start this course with your friend
as a pair. In doing so, you can split your expense with him as well.
(a) Interactive video course Tape #1, #2 and #3: $ 500 each (must be purchased in sequence or all three together)
(b) If purchased separately also include $35 membership fee per person.
(c) $1500 for all three (if you purchase all three tapes at once, the initial membership fee of $35($70 for two persons) is
waived and the Shodan examination fee normally $400 is $200.)
(a) Shodan exam including Shodan certificate : $400 ($200 if purchased 3 tapes together)
(b) The annual membership fee of Shorei-Kan International: $35(the fee is waved if purchased 3 tapes together)
(a) annual membership fee- $35.00
(b) test forms - $5.00
(c) chest patches - $ 5.00
(d) pins - $2.00
(e) annual dojo certificate: $100
(f) annual instructor renewal certificate- $25
What is Shorei-Kan International?
Shorei-kan International is an organization dedicated to the continuation and growth of Master Toguchi's Shorei-kan karate
system, Shorei-Kai Okinawan Kobudo and Daruma Taiso. Its  founder and  President is Saiko Shihan Toshio Tamano.
Toshio Tamano
Master Tamano was born in 1942 in Tokyo, Japan. He began his martial arts studies at the age of 9. He began Shorei-Kan
Karate with Master Toguchi in 1960 and remained with his teacher until his death in 1998.He initially studied Kobudo with
Master Toguchi and subsequently trained with Master Shinpo Matayoshi and Master Eisuke Akamine in Okinawa.
After completing his university studies he went to New York to teach his arts. After many years in America he relocated to
Europe to further spread Shorei-Kan Karate and Shorei-Kai Kobudo.
After the passing of his teacher, Master Tamano founded the Shorei-Kan International Organization in the year 2000 to
further develop and spread the arts he dedicated his life to. He is the author of numerous books and articles published
1) Shorei-Kan Okinawan Gojuryu Karate
This discipline is the main body of the organization Shorei-Kan International.
2) Shorei-Kai Okinawan Kobudo
Shore-Kai Kobudo was created by Master Tamano. He studied with the famous Kobudo masters: Master Shimpo Matayoshi
and  Master Eisuke Akamine. He created this unique system in order to propagate the beautiful art of Okinawan Kobudo.
Weapons studied in this system include: Bo,Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Nunti, Tekko, Suruchin…..
This system allows the safe and fascinating study of weapons techniques in a progressive step-by-step fashion.
3) Daruma Taiso
Daruma Taiso was created by Master Miyagi and Master Toguchi. Though it was create as a preparatory exercise for Gojuryu
Karate, Master Tamano found  that this set of exercises proved excellent for one’s health and longevity. Thus he
systematized it to allow the general public to benefit from these unique exercises.
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In Shorei-Kan Karate, students can receive up to 6th Dan black belt through examinations. 7th Dan and above are awarded
by Kancho without exam. The following program is up to 1st Dan examination. Numbers of month written to the far right are
the required training period to be eligible for exam for the next rank.
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